Windows 10 Colors (HEX code)

This first set of colors is from the tiles found on the Start Screen, such as Mail, Calendar, Store, Video, Music and Messaging. With these tiles there is a gradient from left to right that is dark to light for both sizes of tiles. The colors listed are for the wide tile except for Sky Blue since SkyDrive only has the smaller tile.

Tile Color

Dark Color

Light Color

Teal 008299 00A0B1
Blue 2672EC 2E8DEF
Purple 8C0095 A700AE
Dark Purple 5133AB 643EBF
Red AC193D BF1E4B
Orange D24726 DC572E
Green 008A00 00A600
Sky Blue 094AB2 0A5BC4

This second set of colors is from the Personalize –> Start Screen option on Windows 8. When you select one of the color boxes there are four different colors displayed. This is how I’m labeling those colors:

Color Definitions

Color 4 I included because it seemed like a large part of the screen…so yeah. This set goes through all these colors. I didn’t do the grey since I only wanted the color HEX codes!

Color 1

Color 2

Color 3

Color 4

2E1700 632F00 261300 543A24
4E0000 B01E00 380000 61292B
4E0038 C1004F 40002E 662C58
2D004E 7200AC 250040 4C2C66
1F0068 4617B4 180052 423173
001E4E 006AC1 001940 2C4566
004D60 008287 004050 306772
004A00 199900 003E00 2D652B
15992A 00C13F 128425 3A9548
E56C19 FF981D C35D15 C27D4F
B81B1B FF2E12 9E1716 AA4344
B81B6C FF1D77 9E165B AA4379
691BB8 AA40FF 57169A 7F6E94
1B58B8 1FAEFF 16499A 6E7E94
569CE3 56C5FF 4294DE 6BA5E7
00AAAA 00D8CC 008E8E 439D9A
83BA1F 91D100 7BAD18 94BD4A
D39D09 E1B700 C69408 CEA539