Although contact lenses are helpful to the promotion of personality

Although contact lenses are helpful to the promotion of personality. But the data show that the wearer has a lot to lose from eye infection.

Currently, there are reports of an increase in the use of contact lenses. Both are used to correct refractive errors such as myopia, long tipped as the type used for aesthetic purposes, including contact lens eyes (Big eyes) contact lenses to change eye color (Colored contact lens) lenses Cosplay (Cosplay) patterned. various Which is especially popular among teens and youth work. Although contact lenses are helpful to the promotion of personality and ensuring the wearer to have more mobility in everyday use. But the data show that the wearer is not aware of the ill effects that may occur many times and has become a serious loss if the eye infection, inflammation of the cornea.

MD. SOMPORN Chandra corneal specialist ophthalmologist. Rajvithi Hospital said the cornea is one that is extremely fragile. The cornea is a transparent tissue. In the front part of the eye. Shaped curve There are approximately 1 cm in diameter is responsible for turning our eyes to see the light. But with the appearance of a delicate cornea, as well as other soft tissue in the body, so there is the risk of infection is high. By triggering inflammation of the corneal tissue. “Severe keratitis,” which can occur in all ages. And found several reasons The risk of infection from HIV or not. As a result of other diseases such as autoimmune diseases, allergies and so on.

According to the latest statistics for the year 2550 -2554 by Ramathibodi University. Found that patients infected cornea 435 and continues a trend of patients with infections increasing steadily. Most are caused by an accident with eyes like a foreign body in the eye. And it is interesting that the very common today is the use of contact lenses. The more common in the age group between 15-25 years.

Symptoms of keratitis include eye pain, eye eye eye’s light does not have much time weeping. When the eye may see a white spot on the cornea, corneal ulcers, corneal some vague swollen with pus in the anterior chamber. The symptoms of the disease and speed of implementation will depend on the severity of the infection. It also may cause complications such as perforation of the cornea inflammation spread into the vitreous. glaucoma complications cataract complications And in some cases may need to be admitted to hospital for close monitoring.

For the treatment can be adjusted according to the severity of the disease. The treatment is based on the type of infection, antibiotic drops. The patient may have a severe drops every 15 minutes in the early stages when the symptoms better and reduce the frequency. In case of severe infection and in the deeper layers of the cornea, the doctor needs to be injected into the eye to relieve symptoms. In case you can not control the infection because the wound is large. Not responding to treatment Resistant to drugs Or corneal perforation Corneal transplants may be necessary to cut out the infected cornea.

To prevent infection, the cornea is generally. Cleanliness and hygiene Avoid touching your eyes unnecessarily. Prevent accidents that could happen to wear safety glasses with glass eyes, as well as side impact. Especially those who have to work that may be harmful to the eyes. Or treat and control diseases such as diabetes in the general health care and normal cells. But for those who use contact lenses that have a high risk of fungal keratitis. Care should be taken and the defense.

1. eye examination by an ophthalmologist. To assess whether they have the disease should be careful to wear contact lenses or eye diseases such as dry eye, allergic diseases, inflammatory diseases, some of which need to use eye drops regularly, which could have the effect of wearing contact lenses. For the eyes The curvature of the cornea to select. The size of the lens and the eye. Ready to listen to suggestions for maintaining a clean contact lenses properly, it is important.

2. Buying Contact Lenses Choose from a place of trust and permission to import contact lenses correct. If the recipient is supposed to be sold with a certificate from the manufacturer of contact lenses as standard and legal. Do not use contact lenses, including second-hand or through the use of a rift opened packages before.

3. Learn the correct use and cleaning. You should wash your hands with soap and dry before inserting and removing contact lenses always. Adhere strictly to Lens. Do not rinse with water, or saline alone.

4. The use of contact lenses as a set period, such as daily, weekly and monthly cleaning of the lens case clean by washing soap to dry after every use and replace cartridge every month.

5. Replace the lens only when necessary. Wear contact lenses with a minimum number of hours. It should not be longer than eight hours per day. And there should be a break from the eye wear contact lenses at the time of having to take your eyes like the holidays to prevent corneal oxygen deficiency. Catheter regenerate the cornea Conjunctivitis and keratitis

“Being aware of the symptoms that signal a risk of keratitis is important. When such symptoms, patients should not buy antibiotics that have been used to circumvent drug resistance in the future. But should see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible. Because early treatment often results in better treatment. Potential complications less It also helps reduce the loss of vision and loss of eyes even more, “Dr.. Somporn said.



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